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Eduardo Alcohol Liver and Pericarditis Two Month Treatment

Name: Eduardo Diago Gender: Male
Age: 57 Height: 1.7m
Weight: 78 kg Occupation: Business
Chief Complaint: Alcohol Liver and Pericarditis Current Illness Period: 36 months

Diagnosis Result: Alcohol Liver and Pericarditis

Treatment Rule: Clear Liver Toxic and Fix Liver Functions.

Treatment Plan:
Kuihua Hu Gan Pian 8 bottles Two Months Treatment

To know Kuihua Hu Gan Pian more details click HERE

CardiOkare Two Months Treatment Package

To know CardiOkare more details click HERE

Doctor's Advice:
During taking treatment, pls not take spicy foods and alcohol, and also better vegetable mainly.

Please make payment here directly for make statistics easily, not make payment in seperate product page.

During taking treatment, you can consult us by email:tcmtreatment@163.com or by clicking our online support.

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