500g Tea Bags Health Care Chinese Organic Grain Tea With Ginder+ Red Dates with Brown sugar


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500g Tea Bags Health Care Chinese Organic Grain Tea With Ginder+ Red Dates with Brown sugar

Product Details:
Product Name: Ginger Tea With Brown Suger
Origin: Fujian, China
Net Weight: 250g*2bags
Package: Bag
Storage: Keep in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight and peculiar smell.

Brewing Methods:
1. Pour hot water into the cup to warm the surface, then discard the liquid.
2. Place the right amount of tea (about 5g) into the cup and top up with hot water.
3. Cover and infuse for the required period.
4. Drink the tea.
5. Alternatively (helps preserve the tea), pour all the tea liquid into a separate cup, leaving the leaves in the first and then drink.
6. Pour hot water into the cup and go back to Step 4 to continue enjoying the tea over and over again!

The Benefits of Flowers and Herbs:
Liquorice: Nourishes spleen, eliminates phlegm, relieves the cough, clears away heat and toxic materials, eases pains.
Pink Rose: Regulates liver and spleen, keeps young and beauty, activates collaterals, softens vessels, promotes metabolism.
Rosemary: Keeps a cool head, relieves headache, strengths memory.
Chamomile: Invigorates the vitality, eliminates dysphoria, clears liver and improves vision, purges fire.
Lavender: Relieves pressure, helps sleep, eliminates flatulence and diarrhea and headache.
Calendula: Promotes digestion, purges fire, moistens the skin, promotes metabolism of skin, prevents scars.
Cymbopogon Citratus: Promotes digestion and diuresis, prevents anemia, moistens the skin, improves looks
Mint: Promotes digestion, relieves rheumatic pains, eliminates phlegm, resists spasm, relieves cold and fever and sore throat, eliminate headache.
Tangerine Peel: Stimulates appetite, reduces phlegm.
Jasmine: Improves vision, regulates liver, moistens the skin, maintain beauty.
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