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Beautify Foot Mask_90mins magic molting and get tenderness foot against cocoons, smelly foot and pachydermia!

[Product Name] Qu SI Pi Mei Zu Mo/ Maxi Power Foot Peeling Liquid
[Spec] 25g * 2PCS / 1 Pair
[Applicable Scope] The people want to remove the foot cocoons, especially for cocoons, callosity, smelly foot.
[Characteristics] Maxi Power Foot Peeling Liquid whitout preservative, made of many natural herbs extraction, hydrolase, herbs salicylic acid and so on, help to softening and remove cocoons, callosity. And also has the function of whitening and moisture.
[Usage and Dosage]
1. Washing the foot, then cut the foot mash along the upper line.
2. Wearing the foot mash the same as socks.
3. Ripping off the hem facing, press the two sides to cling the opening to avoid slipping. And you also wearing the socks to help to walk.
4. Ripping off the foot mask after 60-90mins, and then washing foot.
5.The foot cocoons or callosity will be removed after 3-7days, and will wipe off neatly after 1-2 weeks and then you will have tender foot.
6. This product can`t harm the newly born skin, the effective time will depend on the personal condition. In order to get the best effect, we advise you buy 3-5 Pairs (box).
[Ingerdients] Deionized water, Chaenomeles sinensis fruit extracts, Pineapple leaves extracts, Black willow fruit extracts (Herbs salicylic acid), Ethanol,  Glycerol, Aloe extract, Lactic acid, Allantoin, Citric acid (Corn extract) and so on.
1. Minority group will appear slight dry, stab, itch and red, but you don`t worry, it is belong to normal phenomenon, because the essence become to penetrate the cuticle.
2. Don`t use it when you have wound, eczema, red and swollen and chap on foot.
3. This product is for external used, keep out of reach of children.
4. Note: please don`t peel off the turnup cuticle skin, advise to washing foot everyday to keep it fall off naturally. And you also use foot moisturizing cream.
5. Don`t use this product continuously.
6. Don’t wear high-heeled shoes, or cause harm to foot.
7. You should make allery test, if you are atopy.
8. Usage time is 60-90min, don`t use it too long!

Foot nursing, foot mask, foot tenderness charming

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