Black Stone Needle_For Constipation, Diarrhea, Slimming


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Natural Energy Stone/ Magic Health Bracelet/ Black / treat constipation, diarrhea, lose weight

The earliest Stone Needle(Named Bian stone) is originated from sedimentary rock of ancient sea 0.55 billions of years ago, it contains more than 30 kinds of micronutrients, mineral substance and over 16 kinds of rare elements which are very good for people. Stone Needle has physical properties of infrared radiation(14.5-16.5), 20-2000/Hz ultrasound(under 3698) and nanocrystalline, so it is TCM integrated beauty treatment including cold light whitening, infrared, nanocrystalline, ultrasound and negative oxide ion beauty.
Special Functions
Stone Needle has functions below according to present research:
1. It contains more than thirty trace & sixteen rare elements which are beneficial and necessary for human beings.
2. It produces a very wide infrared radiation spectrum and ultrasonic pulses whicn can improve our microcirculation and metabolism.
3. Stone needle can improve microcirculation effectively, restrain growth of cytopathic cells and remove spare fat in the body.When Stone Needle touching skin, the increased speed of blood flow can be seen clearly in microcirculation monitor.
4. Keeping using tools of Stone Needle can regulate Qi and Blood, harmonize organs and then body becomes stronger and stronger.
Stone Needle Therapy has been officially testified & adopted by China Association of Acupuncture & Moxibustion
If you are a firm believer in blessings, you can count the Stone Needle as one of them. Because Stone Needle can improve the blood circulation and the immunity system, so it has very wide range of application and is free from adverse side effects that are common to medication.
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