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CANTICER--Natural TCM Cancer Remedies


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CANTICER-Innovation Bottle-20 Days Supply

CANTICER,  a new approach to assisting those who afflicted with Cancer, with an effective herbal supplement based on Chinese Traditional Medicine. 
CANTICER is supportive of Yin & Yang, the key balance in TCM to allow the body to recover organs system function!
Ethical Western medicines mainly target cancer cells, with little concern about the overall condition of the body.In TCM words, they act powerfully on eliminating the "evils", but do serious damage to the "healthy energy"; as a result, the "habitat" that facilitates the growth of cancer cells still exists and this always brings a poor prognosis. 

CANTICER does the opposite, it can help to balance Yin & Yang,replenish the blood and qi,fortify the organs,improve the body's ability to fight cancer, relieve complex symptoms and control cancer progression.
CANTICER is created under GESIN standard: original standard of TCM its own!

This method has been used sucessfully in TCM in China for thousands of years!

CANTICER Functional Testing
Functional testing has established scientific proof that the key herbal components in CANTICER can help to improve the body's ability to fight cancer, relieve complex symptoms and control cancer progression. It helps to reduce complications that arise in conventional therapies and increase the body's tolerance towards radiotherapy and chemotherapy. These herbs also have the ability to promote lymph cell production, activate the actions of T cells and phagocytosis, elongate the life of antibodies and increase the ratio of cAMP/cGMP.These immune activities are particularly necessary for cancer patients' bodies to be able to tackle the cancer.

1.Help to enhance immune function 
2.Help to reduce swelling & pain 
3.Help to ease localized symptoms 
4.Help to inhibit development of cancer cells 
5.Aid  in promoting lymph cell production 
6.Help to relieve Insomnia 
7.No known side effects 
8.10 years of formula research 
9.A 100% natural herbal product 
10.USA FDA Certified

CANTICER Herbal Formula
CANTICER was formulated using Traditional Chinese Medicine techniques. 
All herbs in this formula are applied to assist improving the body's ability to fight cancer, relieving complex symptoms and controlling cancer progression in long history.All herbs in this formula are slected seriously and carefully by the manufacturer to guarantee their original and natural!
All herbs in this formula are done for heavy metal test to guanrantee they are safe. 
CANTICER is manufactured under GMP, QS and HACCP conditions.

CANTICER out Performs the Rest
CANTICER is created as GESIN Standard: Geoherbalism, Effectiveness, Safety, Individuation, Nature, and especially Individuation service system(see below) sets Canticer firmly apart from the rest for cancer and the complications. 
CANTICER is a well tolerated product and offers comfortable usage for most users.
CANTICER has complete service system, including Qingdao HESHOUTANG International TCM Treatment Center for individual treatment plan by TCM way and HESHOUTANG BBS where customers can submit questions to get online help during taking CANTICER!

This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


Cancer Treatment

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