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Eclipta/ Herba Ecliptae/ Mo han lian


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Eclipta/ Herba Ecliptae/ Mo han lian


Sweet, sour, and slightly cold.


Liver, kidney.

Actions & Indications:

For yinxu (yin deficient), vomiting blood, nose bleeding, blood in urine, diarrhea with blood, excessive bleeding during menopause, and bleeding from external injuries.

Medical functions:

Enables lab animals to regain function of the weakened immune system.

Its flavonoids can inhibit lipid peroxidation and damage of DNA. by hydroxyl radical.

Samples of formulae:

Premature white hair and patchy baldness:
Formula 1: squeeze han lian cao to get juice. Massage into scalp.
Formula 2:Name of Formula: sang shen hei fa wan (ben cao gang mu)Composition:nu zhen zi 620 g,sang shen 300 g,han lian cao 300 gPreparation: Soak nu zhen zi in white rice wine for a day. Drain, then steamed thoroughly, and dry under the sun and then make into fine powder. Store sang shen zi in a dry place till dry and make into fine powder. Store han lian cao in a dry place till dry and make into fine powder. Mix all 3 powder together and mix with cooked, evaporated honey and make into pills with the sizes of sweet peas.
Take 70 to 80 pills per day with lightly salted water.
Editor's note: in cases of yinxu (yin deficient), use plain drinking water instead of salted water.


Not suitable for pixu (spleen deficient) weak digestion.


1g is equal to 10g raw material.

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