Full-automatic Black Drug-decocting Machines (Anti-explosion)


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  • Model: HSTJYJ-5
  • Shipping Weight: 2.8kg
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1.Automatically completing the medicine decoction, special switch for the selection of quick or slow cooking.
2.Automatically keep warm the liquid medicine in 8 hours without watching, with the temperature preserved at 70
3.With large volume and large pot spout structure, the liquid medicine id fine and pure.
4.Decocting by the tradition pottery pot under gentle fire, the liquid medicine is fine and pure.
5.With high heat efficiency, it can not only decoct the medicine, but also make soup and boil water.
6.With over temperature protection, it is safe and relaible.

[Material] Ceramics
[Function] Stainless steel heating unit
[Volume] 5L
[Powder] 300-450W(High grade 450W, Low grade 300W)

[Note] Put away from the kids!
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