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Name: Ganesh Gender: Male
Age: 30 Height: 1.78m
Weight: 78kg Occupation: Safety officer
Chief Complaint: Low Sperm motility Current Illness Period: 24 Months

Diagnosis Result: Kidney Yang Deficiency

Treatment Rule: Nourish Kidney Yang.

Treatment Plan:
Gou Qi Zi 30g, Tu Si Zi 30g, Wu Wei Zi 30g, Lian Zi 30g, Fu Pen Zi 30g, Chuan Niu Xi (This is One Day Use Formula)

Above total Treatment raw herbs will be instead by 322.5g free-boiled condensed herb granules to avoid boiling problems yourself and enhance the formula effect. To see what is free boiled herbs, click HERE.

Usage: 21.5 gram per time,one time per day before supper by warm water.

Doctor's Advice:
During taking treatment, please not take too cold, too hot and spicy foods, do not take milk.

Please make payment here directly for make statistics easily, not make payment in seperate free-boiled herbs' page.

During taking treatment, you can consult us by email: or by clicking our online support.


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