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Pien Tze Huang Pearl Cream for Acne


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100% Guaranteed Pearls Cream/facial cream/Remove acne and freckle/skin whitening

[Product ingredient]: seed Huang: 3%; Pearl powder: 5%; Glycerin: 15%; Senior white oil: 7%; Higher fatty alcohol: 8%.

[Product Property] special purpose cosmetics.

[Usage] morning and evening twice a day, apply right amount to the skin and massage lightly to help absorption after cleaning the skin .

Efficacy: in addition to the effect of removing and acne, for acne, chloasma, skin imperfections, is especially suitable for cracked, and reduce the high temperature, low temperature, sand and other bad environment to the injury of the skin, make skin white and ruddy, delicate but person. With a piece of wang Huang "anti-inflammatory sterilization, promoting blood circulation to remove blood stasis, expelling drug except scar" wonders, can spot anti-wrinkle anti-aging, eliminate acne, fade melanin, the products have been exported to Japan, Hong Kong, the United States, Britain, France, Germany and other places.

[Note] All ages for all skin types

Applicable skin: normal, dry and combination skin.
[Ease]: Effectively soothe the tight skin, regulat the skin blood circulation.

[Dispersing blood stasis]: dispersing blood stasis to promote blood circulation, vascular flow unblocked, promote the decomposition of melanin to make the skin white and tender.

[Detoxification]: improve microcirculation, strengthen metabolism, accelerate the removal of toxins, promote cell growth, delicate skin, eliminate acne.

 [Tough]: strengthening organizes status, enhance the skin's resistance to external stimuli, making the skin more elastic.

 [Revitalizes]: wake up dull skin, promote skin condition rebounded ,come back to shine youth.

Tip: as the seed Huang pearl cream is easy to absorb, with a melts, so the mm of oily skin, can also be used each time you just need to apply a little is ok, 20 g very durable usage evenly smear on the face and neck after wash. At first when you use the pearl cream use less attention, see his skin to adapt and then gradually increase, otherwise blocked pore is prone to a lot of blain blain more phenomenon.

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