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We offer HESHOUTANG brand of herbal products including the best diabetic supplement, arthritis and heart diseases products, plus an effective cancer formula and energy powering pills.
Our diabetic synergistic formula is called GlucoNature, and it’s designed for most diabetes patients, especially for the ones with microcirculation problems or need to prevent future microcirculation problems.
Our arthritis product is called RheuBeat, and its formula is designed to help most people with arthritis problems.
Our cancer anti product is called CANTICER, its formula is designed to help people with cancer, its key ingredients can restrain or dispel cancer cells on keep spreading.
Our energetic formula is called UPOWER, it’s well designed to enhance energetic problems in patients, especially with fatigue, weak libido and male patients with impotence, UPOWER will give people that little boost in life whenever is need it.
Our heart protection product is called CardiOKare; its formula is designed for most patients with heart problems, even though heart diseases are complex, CardiOKare focuses on improving blood and blood vessel's quality to increase blood flow of the body.
So feel free to select the product you may need to enhance your lifestyle and reduce problems such as diabetes, arthritis, energetic problems and heart problems.
If you need any help while taking any of the HESHOUNTANG products you have purchase, please feel free to submit questions to: Online Forum Support, and we will get back to you in time.  


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