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kai wei jian pi wan


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Product name:Kai wei jian pi wan.

[Ingredients]:White atractylodes rhizome,Codonopsis pilosula,Poria cocos,Radix Aucklandiae,Rhizoma coptidis,Dried tangerine,Chinese yam,haw,Fructus amomi,licorice,Myristica fragrans,honey.


[Function]:It can strong the stomach and spleen,good for the poor digestion and anorexia.It also good for the belching.


[Dosage]:6~9g every time.

[Usage]:Every day twice after meal.


1.The pregnant women are not allowed to take it.

2.It should be fellow the doctor’s suggestion when little child take it.

3.If your mouth is dry and the centre of the palm also the sole are hot,the cavity abdomen is distending pain we are also not allow you to take it.


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