Lonicera japonica Thunb


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[Botanical name] Lonicera japonica Thunb.,
[Pharmaceuticalname] Flos Lonicerae japonicae
[Common Name] honey sucker flower
[Other names] ren dong hua,jin yin hua, shuang hua, er hua,er bao hua , yin hua.
[Distribution] mainly produced in Shantung and Henan provinces of China.
[Properties (characteristics)] sweet and cooling.
[Channels (meridians) entered] lung, heart, large intestine, and stomach.
[Actions & Indications]
1. respiratory tract infection,
2. influenza,
3. acute infection of the tonsils,
4. acute infection of the mammary glands,
5. lobar pneumonia,
6. bacterial type of dysentery,
7. acute appendicitis,
8. boils,
9. allergic reaction of skin.
[Medical function] It can inhibit Staphylococcus aureus, Hemolytic streptococcus, Streptococcus pneumoniae.
[Spec.] 500g
[Dosage] 6-16g/day
[Samples of formulae]
(1). for promoting urination and healing sores with pus(source: he han yao ying yong)jin yin hua 6 g, gan cao 3 g, water 600c.c.Simmer to 200 c.c. Made into 3 servings a day.
(2). for expelling pus and toxin and rid of carbuncles.(source: hui chun fang).jin yin hua 10 g, tian hua fen 10 g, sheng huang qi 6 g,chuan shan jia 6 g, dang gui 6 g, jie geng 6 g, zao jia ci 6 g, bai zhi 4 g,Add water 600 c.c. Simmer to 200 c.c.Add yellow rice wine 100 c.c. make into 3 servings a day.Take while warm.
(3) for lessening pimples jin yin hua 30 g, gan cao 5 g. Boil with 2000 c.c. of water.Simmer for 15 minutes.Use as daily tea.
(4) Treat urinary tract infection.
(5) yin hua detoxifying tea for swollen gum.
1. Use smaller dosage for fever and larger dosage for boils
caused by toxic heat.
2. Not for long term usage because of its cool property.
Use caution in cases of yangxu (yang deficient) condition.
Over cooking may lessen the effectiveness because of the evaporating oil.

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