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Prepared Pongolin Scales/ Prepared Squama Manitis/ Prepared Chuan shan jia/ Pao shan jia

It is the scutes of Manis pentadactyla Linnaeus., family Cyprinidae. The scutes of the tail have the most medicinal actions, and those produced in Guangxi are of the best quality. Caught all year round, it is killed and put into boiling water, to be scalded slightly. The scute is taken, washed clean and dried in the sunshine to be utilized in its raw form. Also It can be scalded with sand, until it heaves. Then it is washed clean and dried, or quenched with vinegar after being baked and pounded to pieces, at this time it is ready to be used as a medicine.
[Medicinal Properties]
It is salty in flavour, slightly cold in nature. It acts on stomach and liver channels with character of moving and penetrating. It is good at dispersing and promoting Qi circulation. Being salty for softening and resolving hard mass, it can promote blood circulation, relieve blood stasis, clear channels and resolve mass in the abdomen. It is usually used to treat amenorrhea due to blood stasis and abdominal mass. In addition it can clear the mammary ducts to promote lactation and is used to treat postpartum agalactosis. Owing to its property of moving and penetrating, dispersing, and promoting the circulation of Qi, it can be used to treat swelling and pain due to carbuncle with the effect of subduing swelling and draining pus.
[Medicinal Efficacies]
Activate blood and remove mass; open meridians, promote lactation; treat swelling and expel pus.
[Modern Medical Functions]
[Actions and Indications]
It is used to promote lactation, hastens boils to be ripen, expels pus, stop pain, pain in the joints of lower limbs, chronic malaria, rid of parasites. unblocks menstruation, undo yu (blood stasis)., acute mastitis, ridding of wind dampness bi.
[Clinical Applications]
1. Mass and amenorrhea: To treat mass, it can be combined with Biejia, Dahuang and Chishao, such as in the Chuangshanjia Powder. In case of amenorrhea due to blood stasis, it is used to together with Danggui, Honghua and Taoren, such as, in the Huayu Decoction.
2. Bi-syndrome pain of wind and damp and paralysis due to wind stroke: To treat Bi-syndrome pain of wind-damp, joint problem, numbness and convulsions, it is usually conbined with Chuanxiong, Qianghuo and Baihuashen. In order to treat paralysis due to wind stroke and hands and feet inabilities, it may be ground into powder and mixed with Chuanwu, for external application, such as, in the Chenfeng Paste.
3. Postpartum agalactia: It can be taken alone, ground into powder and infused with liquor, as in Yongquan Powder, or combined together with Wangbuliuxing, Mutong and Huangqi. To treat poor lactation due to insufficiency of qi and blood, it can be combined with Huangqi, Dangshen and Danggui. While for agalactia and distending pain in the breast due to stagnation of liver qi, it is combined with Danggui, Chaihu and Chuanxiong, for example, in the Xiaru Yongquan Powder.

[Samples of Formulae]
1. To promote lactation: chuan shan jia (stir fry with sand), dang gui,  jie geng, shao yao, mu tong, fu ling, chuan xiong, tian hua fen equal parts. Use 50 g per day.  Make decoction  with 500 cc of water. Simmer till 200 c.c. Make into one day dose. Make into 3 servings.
2. For chronic skin ulceration with pus: chuan shan jia 10 g, bai zhi 5 g, zao jiao ci 8 g, huang qi 6 g, dang gui 6 g. Per day dose. Make decoction with 600 cc of water. Simmer till 200 c.c. Make into 3 servings.
[Usage and Dosage]
Raw herb 3-10g/time. For the powder form, 1-1.5 is taken orally.
[Toxicity and Cautions]
Not to use during pregnancy.  Use with caution in cases of xu (deficiency) and sores have been ripen and ulcerated.
Now, most of the herb sold is fake and is made with plastic.

For the convenience of customers, we offer Puncturevine caltrop fruit (Ji li) as the  quick-dissolving granule made through modern technology.
Every sachet (1g) is equivalent to raw herb 5 grams.
The dosage is for adults, one sachet each time, twice time per day. Recommend 60 sachets for one treatment period (30 days). Please put the granule into a cup, then put 50-100ml boiling water into the cup and stir it with spoon. You will get some herb tea, drink it when it is luke-warm. For children, the dosage should be reduced according to the weight.
If you do not know the herb property and function well, please consult our doctors online freely before ordering or fill the patient form: then we can give you proper advice in 24 hours.
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