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Qian Lie Shu Tong Jiao Nang-For Prostatitis (Dampness-heat)


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Qian Lie Shu Tong Jiao Nang -For Prostatitis (Damp and Heat Inrushing Downward)
[Product Name] Qian Lie Shu Tong Jiao Nang/Qian Lie Shu Tong Capsule
[Ingredients] Huang Bai, Chi Shao, Chuan Xiong, Fu Ling, San Leng, Ma Chi Xian, Chai Hu, Niu Xi, Gan Cao.
[Properties] Brown particles and powder; Bitter
[Functions]  Qing Re Li Shi, Hua Yu San Jie. It is used for Prostatitis (Damp and Heat Inrushing Downward).Typical Symptoms: frequent, urgent and painful urination, abdominal pain radiating down to the urethra, scrotal moisture.(To tell which kind of Prostatitis you have got HERE)
[Spec.] 0.4g*36 
[Usage and Dosage] Take 3 capsules per time, three times daily.
[Adverse Reaction] Not yet proven.
1. No smoking, no wine and spicy,cold, greasy food during taking this product.
2. Hypersensitivity to this product should stop using.
3. Do not use this product if expired.
4. Keep out of reach of children.
5. If you are using other drugs, please consult your doctor before using this product.

Qian Lie Shu Tong Jiao Nang is strongly recommended for Prostatitis (Damp and Heat Inrushing Downward)..

This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

This product was added to our catalog on Friday 06 January, 2012.

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