The Oldest Traditional Craft Techniques Chinese Gufang Brown Sugar Yunnan


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The Oldest Traditional Craft Techniques Chinese Gufang Brown Sugar Yunnan

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Name: Gufang Brown sugar/ Chinese black coffee
Net weigth: 1000g
Place of origin: Yunnan China
Processing type: Hand made fresh
Specialty: Healthy/ Organic/ Green ecological
Taste: Smooth and sweet
Shelf Lfe: 36 months

Brown sugar functions
1. It will strengthen the spleen and stomach and warm sotmach
2. It will improve the fatigue body of puerperal, and promote uterine contractions and breast milk secretion.
3. It can warm body and enhance blood circulation and help to relieve the dysmenorrheal.
4. It could also used by external use for body stung by a bee or bited by mosquito
5. It could used with ginger and red date for preventing cold and anti-aging
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