Tiao Hua Ji E Jiao Gao-E Jiao Cake (Instant Food) For Anemia, Hair loss, Beauty (Deficiency of Qi and Blood)


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Tiao Hua Ji E Jiao Gao-E Jiao Cake (Instant Food) For Anemia, Hair loss, Beauty (Deficiency of Qi and Blood

[Product Name] Tiao Hua Ji E Jiao Gao
[Ingredients] Equus asinus L.(Colla Corrii Asini,Donkey hide glue,E Jiao), Sesamum indicum L.(Semen Sesami indici,Black sesame seeds, Hei Zhi Ma), Juglans regia  L. var. Sinensis, (Semen Juglandis, He Tao Ren, Hu Tao Rou, Walnut, Hu Tao Ren), Saccharum sinensis Roxb.(Rock candy, Crystal sugar,Bing Tang), Shaoxing Rice Wine and so on.
[Properties] Color as show picture; sweet.
[Functions] Improve memory, anemia and hair loss, regulate immunity, supply energy, antioxidant and rejuvenation. It is used for women due to deficiency of Qi and Blood,especailly for anemia, hair loss, beauty
[Spec.] 9g, 1pcs/sachet.
[Usage and Dosage]
1. Adult: take 1PCS/time, 2times/day, you could take it in your bag, 1psc before working and 1pcs before sleeping.

2. Juvenile: 1PCS/day, half PCS/time.
3. Older: 1PCS/day, half PCS/time. Taking it when fatigue.
[Adverse Reaction] Not clear till now.
[Applicable Scope]Women, Men, Postpartum women, Children over 8 years old, Older.
1. It can`t cause excessive internal heat, so eat it everytime, People with cool bady could eat it safely, but people with hot body should eat few, or take it with chrysanthemum tea or mungbean soup.

2. E Jiao Cake can`t cause your body fatty, because it includes less fatty, and it makes full, so you eat less to reach weight loss.
3. Men could eat it and also receive good effect.
4. Don`t eat it during menstruation.
5. Pregnant women can`t eat it, but could eat it postpartum.
6. Children under 8 years old can`t eat it.
7. It has magic function for children asthma, but children over 8 years old could eat it.
8. Do not use this product if expired.9. If you are using other drugs, please consult your doctor before using this product.

 Tiao Hua Ji E Jiao Gao-E Jiao Cake (Instant Food) is strongly recommended as family normal instant food for Anemia, Hair loss, Beauty (Deficiency of Qi and Blood

 This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
Tiao Hua Ji E Jiao Gao-E Jiao Cake (Instant Food) For Anemia,Equus asinus L.( Colla Corrii Asini, Donkey hide glue, E Jiao

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