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Toad venom (venenum bufonis, Veneno de sapo, de medicina, Secreto Bufonis)

[Abstruct] It is white fluid from posterior auricular gland and cutaneous gland excreted by the toad of Bufo gargarizans Cantor or Bufo melaostictus Shcneider, and can be dried after being processed.The toad can be caught in summer and autumn.After washing the surface of toad, squeeze the posterior auricular gland and cutaneous gland, fill the serious fluid into a porcelain (avoid contacting with iron implement),it can be stored after having been dried in the sunshine.When applying, place the crushed blocks of medicinal in alcohol or fresh milk to be dissolved, dried in the air or in the sunshine.
[Medicinal Properties] Pungent, warm and toxic;relate to the heart meridian.
[Medicinal Efficacies] Clear away toxin, relieve pain; enliven and induce resuscitation.
[Actions and Indications]
1. For food poisoning with stomach pain and bloating, vomiting with diarrhea, even fainting. Usually combine with she xiang, ding xiang, cang zhu, like formula called chan su wan.
2. For bunacles, scofula, painful and swollen throat and various kinds of toothache: combine with xiong huang, ku fan, zhu sha etc. Make into pills the sizes of mung beans. Take five pills each time with decoction of white portions of green onion. For scarlet fever usually combine with niu huang, xiong huang, bing pian, like liu shen wan.
3. Being used in various types of cancer, like liver cancer, intestine cancer, leukemia, skin cancer etc. Taking orally or external application have been successful to certain degree, according to some reports.
4. Being used in respiratory and in circulatory exhaustion. It possesses the effect of raising blood pressure for long time. It also possesses respiratory stimulating effect.
[Chemical Ingredients]
1. Steroid type of cardiac stimulant there are more than 10 types, mostly are the product of the drying process of chan su, like cinobufagin, about 5%, resibufogenin RBG,
2. Indole type of alkaloids bufotenine, bufotenidine, dehydrobufotenine, bufothionine, and serotonin etc. Also contain sterole, epinephrine and different animo acid.
[Clinical Applications]
1.Abscess, carbuncle, furuncle, scrofula,sore throat,toothache: The medicineal has the good function of eliminating toxin,relieving swelling, anaesthesia,relieving pain, whether externaluse or internal use. In treating abscess, carbuncle, furuncle, it is used with Shexiang and Zhusha, such as in the formula Chansu Pill. In treating swelling pain in throat, it is used together with Niuhuang and Bingpian, such as in the formula Liushen Pill. For toothache, it is used alone and ground into powder to local area for external applications. For operation anesthesia of the five sense organs disease, it is used in combination with Chuanwu, Shengnanxing, Shengbanxia, such as in the formula Waifu Mayao Fang.
2.Blockage syndrome of coma: The medicinal can be used alone or together with Shexiang, Dingxiang, it is ground into powder and blew to nose causing sneeze, indicated for acute filthy disease with abdominal pain, vomiting and diarrhea without end, unconscious.
[Samples of Formulae]
1. Chansu Pills
2. Liushen Pills
3. Waifu Mayao Fang
[Usage and Dosage] 0.015-0.03g, it is ground into fine powder and taken in pill or powder. Its amount should be proper for external application. (highly toxic)
[Toxicity and Cautions]
Precautions: Because of its toxicity, it should be used with cautions for internal use and no overdosage. It can not be entered in to the eyes for external applications. It is contraindicated in pregnant women.
Side Effects: After taking overdose orally, it is manifested as numbness of oral lip, epigastric discomfort, nause and vomiting, dizziness, chest distress, drowsiness, flustered and coma.
As antidote, make decoction with gan cao 30 g, bai ji 30 g and take orally.
If you do not know the herb property and function well, please consult our doctors online freely before ordering or fill the patient form: then we can give you proper advice in 24 hours.

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Toad Venom extract (Venenum Bufonis secretion, Toad Cake)
1. Venenum bufonis extract (Toad cake) is the dried white secretion of the auricular Glands of Bufo bufo gargarizans Cantor or Bufo melanotictus Bchneider, Bufonidae.
2. Functions:
(1) Detoxifying: Removing toxic substances
(2) Promoting subsidence of a swelling
(3) Relieving pain: Treatment of all kinds of carbuncle
(4) Ingredient of crdic tonic
(5) Anti-radiation
(6) Anti-tumor
(7) Anti-inflammatory
3. Classic

First class: processed small plate;
Second class: processed big plate;
Third class: normal goods.
4. Our advantage: 
(1)High purity: above 98% , valid ingredient: above 15%
(2)All kind of specifications;
(3)Plenty of it, we can supply all year.
(4)Competitive price 
The quality is conform to the standard of Chinese Pharmacopoeia 2000 edition:

Purity------------------ 99%,
Effective content: [C26H34O6] AND [C24H32O4]------- 9% min
Moisture---------------- not more than 7%
Insoluble in water------ not more than 4%
Insoluble in Tartaric Acid solution---not more than 2%

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