Xu Teng Cao for Sebrrheic Alopecia(Oily Hair)


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Xu Teng Cao for Sebrrheic Alopecia(Oily Hair)

Name: Xu Teng Cao/???

Ingredient: Xu Teng Cao

Medicinal Efficacies: It is used for sebrrheic alopecia specially to clean hair hole and help hair growth.

Spec: 50g per bag

Place of Origin: Taiwan, China


1. Immerse 50g with 2000-3000ml plain water for about 30 minutes, boil the water till boiling and then keep boiling about 6 minutes.

2. Steaming your hair with hot steam of boiled water for about 10 minutes till the water temperature is ok, and then wash your hair about 20 minutes, at the same time massage hair skin will be best.

3. In first week, you need wash your hair every day, and one time daily, from second week, you can wash your hair 2-3 times per week.

4. Per bag(50g) can use 4 times, after first time use, please do not give it away, just keep it in cooler place and heat it when using it next time.

5. You need not to wash your hair specially before you useing xu teng cao to wash, and xu teng cao can be used together with your normal shampoo, but you need use normal shampoo first and then use xu teng cao to wash.

6. Every time same day after you washing your hair by xu teng cao, you need not to wash it by clean water, just use dry towel to rub hair till dry will be ok.

Effect Estimation:

Slight degree of Sebrrheic Alopecia, 30 days use will be ok; middle and serious degree of Sebrrheic Alopecia, 60-90 days use will be ok.

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