Xuanhuang Stone Needle Bracelet_Energy Bracelet


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Natural Energy Bracelet/ Magic Health Xuanhuang StoneNeedle/ improve immune ability and inhibit cancer cell growth
Who suitable to do the Stone Needle therapy?
The people who want to discharge the waste of body and purity the body internal environment. The people who want to keep health and lose weight. The person who is confused with the poor microcirculation, men xenia, and gynecology diseases. The people who want to enhance the immunity and improve the physique. The person who want improve the backache, omalgia, neuralgia, insomnia, overwork, constipation, hands and foot freezing, mental disorder.
Why is has the function of inhibiting the cancer cell growth?
Modern medicine has proved that the cancer cell birth and dissolution everyday, and it is becomes common Sense. Our product Stone Needle itself contains abundant nature ultrasonic pulse, which has the function of inhibiting cancer cell growth.

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