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Chinese Medicine commonly treats all types of Anemia.  It is generally referred to as a Qi and Blood deficiency.  We commonly work with patients to help balance their diet, improve digestion and provide herbs to cure this condition over time.  A diagnosis and prognosis is suggested to find the severity  and type of anemia presenting.   A strong emphasis must be put on diet and digestion when treating anemia.  Only when the diet is high in needed nutrients and the digestive tract strong enough will this condition be cured naturally.

The main Types of Anemia in Chinese Medicine:

Kidney Essence and Liver Blood Deficiency:
This type of Anemia presents itself mostly in the elderly or middle aged who are over worked.  There will be a general sense of fatigue and extreme lethargy, dry skin, dry cloudy eyes, low back pain, weak knees, frequent urination or possibly incontinence, paleness and poor memory. 
Herbal Formula: Liu Wei Di Huang Wan

Qi and Blood deficiency:
Qi and Blood Anemia is less severe than the above pattern.  There will be fatigue, paleness, slight weight loss but not emaciation.  poor memory, slight mental changes are also possible.  
Herbal Formula: Ba Zhen Wan

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