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We offer famous and popular Chinese Traditional Medicine for Cold.

Before to select the product please read the text below to know which kind of cold you have got and then select the corresponding product or ask our doctors online.
The common cold has many forms in Traditional Chinese medicine. The most common forms fall under the categories of wind cold and wind heat
Common Cold Caused by Wind Cold
This pattern exhibits the following symptoms: fever, chills (these are worse than the fever), inability to get warm, nasal or sinus congestion with clear mucus, cough with clear mucus, stiff neck and shoulders, occipital headache (back of head), and a slower-than-normal pulse that is more easily felt at the surface.
Common Cold Caused by Wind Heat
When the pernicious influence of wind combines with heat, the fever is worse than the chills, and the pulse is faster than normal. The primary symptom is a swollen and sore throat with headache and irritability. If there is a cough, it is usually dry or nonproductive, with occasional expectoration of yellow mucus.
To tell Wind Cold and Wind Heat simply:
Wind Cold: chills mainly, without sweat, like hot drinks, clear or white sputum, and clear mucus.
Wind Heat: fever mainly, with sweat, yellow or viscous sputum, and yellow mucus.
So please clear what kind of cold you have got, and order the correct product is very important for treat cold.

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