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Premature Ejaculation

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We offer famous and popular Chinese Traditional Medicine for Premature Ejaculation. 

Before to select the product please read the text below to know which kind of Impotence you have got and then select the corresponding product or ask our doctors online.
The common Impotence has many forms in Traditional Chinese medicine. The most common forms fall under the categories of  Weak Fire of the Life Gate, Damage of the Heart and Spleen, Damage Of the Kidney By Fear, Depressed Liver and Qi Stagnation, Downrush of Damp-heat.

Traditional Chinese medicine is especially effective in the treatment of impotence because of its careful differentiation of the various types. Descriptions of a few of the more commonly diagnosed types of impotence in Chinese medicine follow.

Weak Fire of the Life Gate: Inability of have penis erection, Weakness and soreness in lumber area (lower back) and knees, Aversion to coldness, Cold extremities, Pale complexion, Clear and profuse urine,
Damage of the Heart and SpleenInability of have penis erection, Fatigue, Lusterless complexion, Loss of appetite, Heart palpitations, Insomnia, Loose stools.
Damage of the Kidney By Fear: Inability to have penis erection or weak erection of the penis,Have some serious fear or have had frightening experiences, Timidness, Vexation, Amnesia, Dizziness, Lower back pain, Tinnitus(ear ringing).

Depressed Liver and Qi Stagnation: Inability to have penis erection, Depression or irritability, Sigh,Feeling of discomfort in the chest, Distention and fullness in the hypochondrum.
Downrush of Damp-heat: With a flaccid penis and may experience a bearing down sensation and distention or burning pain, damp and smelly scrotum, soreness of lower limbs, dark yellow urine, Bitter taste in the mouth. 
Kidney Yang Deficiency: Inability to have penis erection or weak erection of the penis, Adverse to cold, sore and weak of loins and knees, lumbago, cold hands and feet, frequent urination. 

Please check which kind of impotence you have got and select the correct products for yourself.
premature ejaculation

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