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Stone Therapy

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The earliest Stone Needle(Named Bian stone) is originated from sedimentary rock of ancient sea 0.55 billions of years ago, it contains more than 30 kinds of micronutrients, mineral substance and over 16 kinds of rare elements which are very good for people. Stone Needle has physical properties of infrared radiation(14.5-16.5), 20-2000/Hz ultrasound(under 3698) and nanocrystalline, so it is TCM integrated beauty treatment including cold light whitening, infrared, nanocrystalline, ultrasound and negative oxide ion beauty.

stone needle, bian stone, energy stone
bian stone, energy stone

Special Functions
Stone Needle has functions below according to present research:
1. It contains more than thirty trace & sixteen rare elements which are beneficial and necessary for human beings.
2. It produces a very wide infrared radiation spectrum and ultrasonic pulses whicn can improve our microcirculation and metabolism.
3. Stone needle can improve microcirculation effectively, restrain growth of cytopathic cells and remove spare fat in the body.When Stone Needle touching skin, the increased speed of blood flow can be seen clearly in microcirculation monitor.
4. Keeping using tools of Stone Needle can regulate Qi and Blood, harmonize organs and then body becomes stronger and stronger.

Stone Needle Therapy has been officially testified & adopted by China Association of Acupuncture & Moxibustion
If you are a firm believer in blessings, you can count the Stone Needle as one of them. Because Stone Needle can improve the blood circulation and the immunity system, so it has very wide range of application and is free from adverse side effects that are common to medication.

Media Report on Stone Needle Therapy
The year 2010 has been a very hot and active year for Stone Needle therapy in China, Hongkong, Taiwan, Japan as well as overseas as Stone Needle therapy really works.
Before you embrace Stone Needle, make sure you get the Original and authentic Sibin Stone Needle which has been tested to be safe for use. Due to its popularity, there are many fake products all over China. If you choose to purchase an unknown or cheap products, then it is up to you to decide for your health sake. The reason is some stones has high radioactive content which can destroy your body's white blood cells like the volcano stones commonly used in spa is a kind of high risk stone according to recent scientific report. Prolonged use can damage your body's immunity. Or it may contain harmful elements.
Listed here are some of the media report on Stone Needle therapy in China: China CCTV, BTV, Hunan TV & Shandong TV Report on Stone Needle, if you are interested in it, please come to Heshoutang Community, you will find what you need!

Who needs Stone Needle therapy?
1. Obesity and high blood pressure. The magnetic field, ultrasonic waves and very long infrared ray can burn up body fat & Cholesterol and lower your blood pressure by getting rid of the cholesterol and make your blood circulate better.
2. Office workers. Facial tension, carpal tunnel syndrome, headaches, eyestrain, watery eyes, dry eyes, blurred or double vision, difficulty focusing, a heavy feeling of the eyelids or forehead, after-images, temporary nearsightedness, neck and back aches, hair loss and baldness all these symptoms can be cured or relieved by rubbing/massaging with an oval Stone Needle or wearing Stone Needle on the painful area.
3. People inflicted with arthritis and rheumatism. Arthritis isn't just 1 disease, and it's a complex disorder that comprises more than 100 distinct conditions and can affect people at any stage of life. Two of the most common forms are osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. Stone Needle works to purity the blood circulation and insure better blood provision to body cells, repair the cartilage that is pivotal to the function of the bone joints.
4. People with respiratory problems. Stone Needle necklace directly works on the thoracic area and improve the respiratory pathway. Its healing effects help to get rid of airflow obstruction, bronchial hyperresponsiveness and make your breathing as easy as breathing.
5. People who suffer from gastric problems. The Stone Needle can generate infra-red effect and ultrasound pulsation (3698 times per rubbing on human skin). These pulsation and infra-red not only help you to digest and assimilate your food but also improve your immunity system.
6. People with cardiac problems. Your heart, the ever-working locomotive of your body is both resilient and vulnerable. Stone Needle can definitely ensure sufficient and good quality blood supply to the heart and also make your heart muscle stronger and well-nourished. Feeble-hearted is not in the dictionary of your life.
7. Constipation. Constipation is one of those topics few like to talk about. If you've suffered from this problem, though, you know it can be both painful and frustrating. Almost everyone gets constipated at some time during his or her life Stone Needle acupressure (i.e. Stone Needle massage) can improve the digestion system and help with your bowel movement. Latest research show that wearing Stone Needle and Stone Needle massage can drastically improve bowel movement and allow you to evacuate 100% every time.
8. Kidney deficiency. You are so well advised if you plan to take good care of your kidneys, the source of all our energy, according to Chinese herbal medicine.
9. Diebetics.
10. Beauty. Women or Men who wants to become and remain gorgeously beautiful. Oval Stone Needle and other tools can be used to massage the face for beauty and cure sickness.
11. Digestive and ulcers.
12. People who gets tired easily. Coupled with regular exercise, Stone Needle can give you revitalized body health and immunity capability.
13. People who are bone fracture. You could wear the Stone Needle near the fracture, it can improve your blood circulation and recover earlier.
14. All people (especially Old people). Stone Needle energy could improve the blood circulation and eliminate toxins to protect the organs, so everyone who wants to keep health should need the Magic Stone Needle, because as a TCM doctor I am greatly convinced that Prevention is better than cure!
And according to the authoritative Stone Needle experts, people who are sustaining robust health and constitution can also wear some Stone Needle or massage with Stone Needle to consolidate and enhance your health. In all, Stone Needle is simply a God-send gift that is healing, green and ever-helping.
Please note that you should read Books on Body Acupressure points for certain illness or consult a certified TCM doctor before you apply the therapy for certain area. Welcome to HESHOUTANG INTERNATIONAL TCM TREATMENT CENTER to consult specialists, we will help you freely. Stone Needle is a very efficient tool for general well being and to cure sickness, but there is no instant recovery. Recovery speed depends on individuals.
If you suffer from muscle pain, back ache or stiff shoulder, or any part of your body in mascular pain, just apply the stone on the pain area. You will see the miracle in a few days or even faster. If you have broken bones, do not apply Stone Needle on the area. You should consult a specialist first. Welcome to HESHOUTANG TCM TREATMENT CENTER! You could contact me by online, email or telephone freely, we will give you the best specially advice!

Is Stone Needle Safe?
Analysis indicated that the radioactivity contained in a Stone Needle - Stone Needle is 2% lower than the safety standards, in other words, its radioactive substances are far less than those contained in the building stone materials and porcelain-made dining utensils, making it very safe for therapeutic use.
The tools have been individually hand shaped and polished for different purposes; no harsh tumbling has been used, in order to maintain the quality of these stones.
We  sale the Guaranteed Sibin Stone Needle, you could load on website to check the anti-counterfeiting.

What is  Stone Needle Therapy?
Over thousands of years, Chinese people have used a special kind of stone to treat diseases, by applying them to specific body parts. These small stones, for therapeutic purposes, is called Bianshi (Stone Needle). They are generally used as an instrument similar to acupuncture needles.
"Stone Needle is really a unique tool to treat back & neck pain of white collar workers" said Dr. Xie from the Acupuncture Department of Beijing Chaoyang Hospital. Stone Needle therapy used to be an original form of acupunctur

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