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Herbsbuy360 Store is a special Traditional Chinese Medicine Online Store because it is diffrent with others: It offers not only health products but clear and easily-understanding health information for customers themselves to tell what kind of disease they have got and what kind of possible product they should select.

For health products, the most important is to take correct products matching your disease, Our saying is DOCTOR YOURSELF: Know How to Treat Your Disease and Select the Correct Product Yourself, in our store you can do "Clear to Buy, Safe To Take".

To guarantee customers can know what kind of disease they have got and what kind of product they should select, Herbsbuy360 also offered online consultation system and online message leaving system, customers can ask questions online during business days, or leave message on weekends or holidays, but whenever business days or holidays our specialists will offer the most timely and professional response.

All products in our store are analysed and selected carefully by us to guarantee the products with good quality and conditions, to analyse products needs much time and energy because even one formula product, different manufacturers, different qualities.

Herbsbuy360 offers comprehensive diagnosis and treatment plan online also, the customers which want to know their body conditions in further level, they can fill out the patient form by clicking HERE.

Herbsbuy360 will offer the best herbal products and services for the world people.


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