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  • Cancer is a malignant tumor, it is malignant when it happens or it comes from innocent tumor. In traditional Chinese Medicine, it is water energy of cells is in shortage and fire energy is excessive, so cells shows invasive property. Cancer tumor is growing bigger and bigger to damage its original organ's functions, cancer metastasis damages related organs' functions.
  • Cancer cells are from normal cells, to become cancer cells because of imbalance of cells energy which shows water energy of cells is in shortage and excessive fire energy.
  • Take the way to kill cancer cells as the only way to treat cancer is equal to die, because when you kill cancer cells, normal cells are also attacked.
  • The correct way is to balance cells energy, and the cancer cells will be converted into normal cells themselves.
  • CANTICER can nourish water energy of cells and balance fire excessive energy, it will help cancer cells convert to normal cells.
  • CANTICER PLUS is designed to break clots to relieve pains of cancer patients purposely, while it can balance cells' energy too, with CANTICER, it can enhance the ability of balancing cells' energy.
  • CANTICER and CANTICERPLUS property is cold to balance excessive fire energy of cancer cells, and stomach like warm, so for patients with weak stomach or weak energy or digestive system cancer, to combine with StomachPlus is the best way to work better, because StomachPlus can strengthen stomach and protect stomach against cold of CANTICER and CANTICERPLUS.
  • CANTICERCANTICERPLUS and StomachPlus have helped people recovery with cancer in over 30 countries.
  • If you want to get individual diagnosis and health plan, please click HERE.
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