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  • The Basic Points Firstly to be Known by Diabetes Patients
    1. Blood Sugar plays an important role in human body, it’s the body source of energy, 80% energy of the body needs is from Glucose decomposition. No Glucose, No Life.
    2. Since glucose plays such an important role in the body, it is obviously wrong if we only focus on reducing blood sugar level: whatever it is diet control or chemicals treatment.
    3. Body function to use glucose of Diabetes patients is in disorder, that is why the body's self-regulatory system will give response to increase blood sugar in a higher level to nourish the body. In this point, Blood sugar is relative surplus, but in shortage absolutely.
    4. Diabetes is caused by body disorders, high blood sugar is only an appearance of the problem, control therapy methods such as diet control, chemicals only can reduce the blood sugar to its normal level, but the body would not have enough glucose to use finally, and complications appear till to death.
  • To let diabetes patients have same blood sugar level as normal people without fixing body functions is a mistake.

  • 5. The correct idea is to recover the body functions, not only focusing on reducing the blood sugar level, but recovering the body functions as well, to let the body balance blood sugar itself.

  • To have correct knowledge and idea is the first important to settle problems down.

  • GlucoNature, GlucoNaturePlus and Diabetes
    In Traditional Chinese Medicine, blood heat (hot toxins in blood) is the direct reason in earlier and middle stage of diabetes. It is blood heat affects insulin secretion, and also glucose application of organs, tissues and cells, that is why blood glucose and urine glucose higher than normal. Blood heat also will make blood vessels to be sclerosis and blood sticky, so circulation and microcirculation of body will appear problems, thus blood can't bring oxygen and nutrition into everywhere of the body smoothly.
    GlucoNature helps clear blood heat and improve microcirculation, the symptoms above will be improved step by step as body's function is better.
    GlucoNaturePlus helps promote and maintain pancrea's health.
  • Notice:
    For patients with Type II diabetes we recommend GlucoNature to help, patients with long time(over five years) taking insulin or blood sugar level not better after taking two months of GlucoNature, we recomend GlucoNaturePlus together with GlucoNature.
    For patients with Type I diabetes without any other symptoms besides higher blood sugar level, we recommend GlucoNaturePlus to help; Type I long time(over five years) with many complications we recommend GlucoNature together with GlucoNaturePlus.
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