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Kidney Support

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  • In Traditional Chinese Medicine, Kidney system stores original energy, including water property energy(Kidney Yin) and fire property energy(Kidney Yang), controlling people's sex, birth and urination. Balance condition of these two kinds of energy makes people healthy, unfortunately, because bad emotions, bad weather, irregular food and drinks intake and too much work, leisure and sex are burning energy of people, finally energy balance condition is broken and people are in sickness.
  • If fire property energy is in shortage, it is kidney yang deficiency, this will generally happen erectile dysfunction, or penis not hard enough, UPOWER can nourish fire property energy of kidney to improve this problem; if people with cold lower back, cold belly and legs and watery diarrhea, Reno Fire Pill is correct.
  • If water property energy is in shortage, and fire property energy is excessive, people will have premature ejaculation, Reno Water Pill can nourish water property energy of all of the body, with BloodDetox which can clear the hot toxin in the body to reduce sensitivity of penis to improve premature ejaculation, MaXemen can lock sperm to come out.
  • If water and fire property energy both in shortage, it will be a trend to kidney failure, RenoNature can nourish water and fire property energy of kidney to activate functions of it.
  • If people with edema, generally it is from kidney, lungs and spleen are in dysfunction condition, we can recommend RenoNature or Reno Fire Pill with WaterGo Pill to deal.
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