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Depression Support

  • In natural knowledge, liver controls happiness, liver makes blood flow more smoother.
  • If liver gets problems such as anxiety, depression, easy anger, numb limbs, liver tumor, and even stomach problems, especially with bitter mouth, stomach pain, stomach bloating and acid reflux etc., all these problems are connected with liver.
  • There are two kinds of problems of liver: One is liver energy stasis, patients with this kind of problem, they have sufferings like anxiety, depression, easy anger, numb limbs, discomfort in hepatic area but if they go to hospital to do test, the hospital can find nothing, this kind of problem is in functional level, and it means the problem is in earlier stage. HappyForte can smooth liver energy to relieve symptoms above.
  • HappyForte can be used as a regular dietary supplement for anxiety or depression.
  • If the problem is going further to next level: Blood Blockage, it will appear tumor in liver or blood clots in the body, it is in ogranic level, now conventional medicine can find the problems, but it is in late stage, that is why there are so many problems are very difficult to deal at present time. For this level, we should use HappyForte together with StomachPlus and RheuBeatPlus to improve problems.
  • Although HappyForteStomachPlus and RheuBeatPlus are good for different problems, to keep happy always is still first important for liver problems, because Liver Controls Happiness of People.
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