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Infertility Support

  • Infertility is defined as not being able to get pregnant despite having frequent, unprotected sex for at least a year for most couples.
  • Infertility is either from female problems or from male problems. In Tradtional Chinese Medicine, the problems are classified as two kinds: Energy defeciency and Energy channel blockage. Defecient energy will make female produce weak eggs or no eggs; will make male produce weak sperm or no sperm. Energy channel blockage will block not only channel-blood vessel of nutrients, but metabolic waste removing as well, it will make your body cells live in rubbish tip, and can not get enough nutrients to grow or work properly.
  • So to have enough energy and good working energy channel, is the key to keep people health and removing infertility.
  • In Traditional Chinese Medicine, there are two kinds of energy: Fire property energy and Water property energy. Interaction of these two kinds of energy keeps life working, balance of these two kinds of energy is healthy life, deficiency or surplus of fire property energy or water property energy will make problems of human body.
  • Deficiency of water property energy and fire property energy will be surplus, it shows:
    For female: Strong smell of menses blood, advanced menstruation, little menstrual quantity, hot flashs, constipation and night sweating.
    It needs MensesBalance and BloodDetox to deal.
    For male: Premature ejaculation, sticky and less sperm, too strong sex desire, lower back sore pain, constipation, hot flashes and night sweating.
    It needs MaXemen and BloodDetox to deal.
  • Deficiency of fire propeprty energy and water property energy will be surplus, it shows:
    For female: Cold womb and legs, delayed menstruation, and much menstrual quantity, diarrhea.
    It needs MensesBalance and Reno Fire Pill to deal, taking MensesBalance and Reno Fire Pill with ginger tea.
    For male: Cold and watery sperm, cold legs, erectile dysfunction, tired lower back, and dirrhea.
    It needs RenoNature and Reno Fire Pill to deal, taking RenoNature and Reno Fire Pill with ginger tea.
  • If people with fibroid tumor or overian cyst for female, testical pain for male, take together with RheuBeatPlus.
  • If people with prostatitis, take together with ProstatiCare and RheuBeatPlus.
  • If people with kidney stones or gall bladder stones, take together with RoClear.
  • If you want to get individual diagnosis and health plan, please click HERE.
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