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Losing Weight

  • Obesity is a serious social problem and it is considered one of the plagues of the modern world. The World Health Organization estimates that in 2008 there were 1.4 billion overweight people in the world, including 500 million obesity.
  • Overweight and obesity are dangerous, as these problems are correlated with the occurrence of many serious diseases, such as:
    1. Insulin resistance
    2. Type 2 diabetes
    3. Arterial hypertension
    4. Coronary heart disease
    5. Fat metabolism disorders, and inflammatory diseases of the gallbladder.
  • Therapies offered by modern medicine may be troublesome for patients and do not always guarantee success in the form of permanent weight reduction.
  • There are two main products existed on present market for obesity: one is chemical drug which works by reducing appetite to lose weight, if people take this kind of product long time, weight maybe can be reduced but people's stomach damaged and the body loses ability to get good nutrients for body, and then more problems happen; the other is by detoxing the body to make people diarrhea to lose weight, if people take this kind of product long time, people will become very weak and some people will die from this kind of treatment.
  • In Traditional Chinese Medicine, obesity is connected with spleen, kidney and liver. Spleen and kidney energy deficiency, the body will have no enough energy to govern water and liquid, water and liquid will be kept in the body to make obesity, this kind of water and liquid is called internal phlegm, the internal phlegm will block circulation to make more body problems; Liver is controlling whole body energy flow, if liver energy stasis, energy flow is not good, this also will affect circulation. So to smooth body energy and improve circulation, and make spleen and kidney strong, this way is the best way for obesity.
  • DetoXlim is designed for smoothing liver energy, improving circulation and strengthening power of spleen and kidney, it settles down obesity problem in the root, and obesity is difficult to come back again, especially if we combine DetoXlim with Eastern Coffee, it will get best result for obesity recovery.
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