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Lungs Support

  • Lungs control breath, connect with throat, nose, skin and colon.
  • If dry skin and hair, it shows lung water energy deficiency, Lung Water Pill can deal this; if people sweat often or get sweating easily or spontaneous sweating, it shows lung qi or lung fire energy deficiency, this kind of people will have pale face, weak voice, weak energy and easily catch flue, Lung Fire Pill can deal this.
  • Chronic nasitis with forehead pain and blocked nose, we recommend Blocked Nose and Phlegm Pill together for first month treatment, and then Blocked Nose with Lung Water Pill for following treatment period untill recovery. Blocked Nose focuses on opening energy stasis of lungs, Phlegm Pill focuses on removing phlegm in the lungs, Lung Water Pill focuses on replenishing lungs energy. Combination of cleaning and replenishing is the only way to heal the problem.
  • Pharyngitis with painful or itching or swollen throat, Throat Clear Pill is recommended, at the same time, if people have bad breath, take BloodDetox together with Throat Clear Pill.
  • Chronic asthma generally is from phlegm or energy deficiency, we recommend Lung Calm Pill and Phlegm Pill for first month, and from second month, we advise only Lung Calm Pill.
  • There is two kinds of constipation, the first one is always very hard, and the second one is hard only at the begining. if always very hard, LiverDetox is recommended but after constipation gone, LiverDetox must be stopped; if hard only at the begining, HappyForte will be ok.
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