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Pain Support

  • In Traditional Chinese Medicine, body pains are from energy stasis or blood blockage in the body, so if we use products which can smooth energy and remove blood blockage in the body, the pains will disappear.
  • Headache
    Headache from cold attack, this kind of headache is from cold weather, and the cold invades into head blood vessles and head blood vessles contract to form energy stasis, that is why headache happen. We can use Ginger Tea for this kind of headache: take hot ginger tea and go to bed with thick quilt, to make sweating, after waking up, your headache will be relieved or disappeared. In this kind of treatment, hot ginger soup and sweating is the key to remove headache, because when sweating, the cold will be driven away through sweat pores. Note: after waking up, not go out immediately, only can go outside after sweating gone, otherwise your headache will be more serious.
    Headache from liver energy stasis and forming fire to attack head, people with this kind of headache will have easier anger, bitter mouth in the morning, liver area discomfort, grastric acid or reflux, and the headache happens around eyes and two sides of head. We can use Migrainum Pill, HappyForte together for this kind of headache.
  • Painful Menstruation
    Painful menstruation from Liver Energy Stasis or Blood Blockage,
     which shows pains before or during menstruation, or blood clots, we need HappyForte to smooth liver energy and at the same time we need  MensesBalance to activate the blood or RheuBeatPlus to break clots in the womb for serious period pain.
  • Painful Joints
    Painful joints is from 
    wind, cold or dampness blocking circulation of joints, RheuBeat is very good for painful joints, if pain is not serious, only RheuBeat will be good, if too serious, need RheuBeatPlus and Clot Broker.
  • Sciatica 
    Sciatica is from
     wind, cold or dampness blocking sciatic nerve, Clot Broker will have very good help for sciatica, especially if we combine with RheuBeatPlus and RenoNature.
  • Fibromyalgia
    Fibromyalgia's important factor is liver energy stasis from people's emotion disorders, and also connected with wind, cold or dampness blocking circulation of muscles, HappyForteClot BrokerRheuBeatPlus and RheuBeat, these four prodcuts together work for fibromyalgia for initial treatment.
  • Fibroid
    Fibroid is from blood blockage in the womb, MensesBalance and RheuBeatPlus will help a lot for this kind of problems.
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